An unique garden complex

A natural delight in the busy city

Hidden nature in the city

Situated behind the Dunne Bierkade 16-20 and 28 is a unique garden complex with garden designs from the 17th, 18th, and early 20th century. The decor is completed by the rear walls of the canal houses bordering the Dunne Bierkade. Near the entrance of the garden complex is a property that was built in a romantic Chalet style, with an overhanging roof and a large balcony with an open stairway. The stone substructure dates back to 1620, and the wooden superstructure is from 1876.

Buitenmuseum Den Haag –  0031 70 3220487

stijltuinen achter de Dunne Bierkade Den Haag
De stijltuinen