Outdoor Museum

Why choose between culture and entertainment, when the Outdoor Museum offers both?

This part of The Hague can be described as ’typically Dutch’. Many notable artists lived and worked at these characteristic canals. Visit the dwelling houses of world famous painters like Paulus Potter, Jan Steen and his father in law Jan van Goyen and see how they lived. Their story is intertwined with Claes van Balckeneynde, who has built the royal palaces in The Hague as well as the Catshuis – the Dutch prime minister’s house. you can pay a visit to these houses and experience the Dutch Golden Age during one of our guided tours. The original work of these artists can be seen in the Mauritshuis or the Historical museum of The Hague, just a beautiful, twenty minute-walk away.

The museum organises a diverse programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

From the story of the old masters to the story of Vincent van Gogh in the Hague (no originals). In the 19th century painters of “De Haagse School” were living at this canal. Vincent van Gogh took his first painting lessons from them and lived for about 6 years in The Hague. the city played a crucial role in his evolution as an artist. Van Gogh’s first letters to his brother Theo, his first paintings, his first use of artistic aids such as the perspective frame and his first paid commission, all originated during his time in The Hague. It is still possible to follow Van Gogh’s footsteps through the city and its surrounding areas. The Vincent van Gogh Experience organises an exhibition to highlight the works that Van Gogh created in the immediate vicinity (no original works) and offers sightseeing tours.

But there is even more! Around the corner is the house of the great philosopher Spinoza and one of the oldest almshouses of The Hague. During 400 years people have lived in these almshouses. It has a well-hidden beautiful courtyard.

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