Jan van Goyen’s and Jan Steen’s house

Welcome to the Dutch Masters in the Golden Age

Group activities: 0031 70 3220487.


For group activities, such as during a day out in The Hague, seeing this house from the Golden Age is a unique experience. There are guided tours, lectures and workshops with various themes.

About the house

The Hague was an important city in the Golden Age. At that time, Paulus Potter, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen lived and worked at the Dunne Bierkade. Jan van Goyen’s house was the dwelling house and studio of the seventeenth century painter Jan van Goyen for over twenty years. We welcome you here! The world-famous Jan Steen, the son-in-law of Jan van Goyen, has also worked here. The house has been redecorated on the basis of one of his paintings.

The house consists of a number of rooms from the Golden Age, such as a living and dining room and a painter’s studio. 

Additional information and booking: 0031 70 3220487. Note Bene: reservation required.

 Jan van Goyenhuis, woonhuis van de landschapsschilder 




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