The house where Van Balckeneynde lived

Van Balckeneynde’s house,  home to the palace builder from the Golden Age

The Monumental House of Van Balckeneyndes is designed by Pieter Post. Van Balckeneynde was the builder of The Hague Palaces and the Cats House. Later the house was bought by Anton and Johann Frantz Lyncker (1776-1791). Here he set up the factory for the Hague porcelain. The brothers Verveer, a Jewish family of artists of the 19th century, also lived in this house. The house is a unique monument. You are most welcome in the Golden Age. 


For group activities, such as during a day out in The Hague, seeing this landmark from the Golden Age is a unique experience. Het Buitenmuseum organizes activities for groups in the Van Balckeneynde House by appointment. 

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Van Balckeneynde Huis, stadspaleis op de Dunne Bierkade Van Balckeneynde’s house