Paulus Potter’s house

Paulus Potter’s house

  • Beautiful location for small groups
  • Historical Center of The Hague, South Holland
  • Canal house from the Golden Age, on the most beautiful canal in The Hague, historical ambiance
  • Meetings, Workshops, Brainstorm, Training, Presentation, Breakfast, Lunch, Private Dinner, Drinks
  • Wedding Venue  
  • Also possible to have a wedding photoshoot in this house, Jan van Goyen’s house, the garden or the house Van Balckeneynde lived, before and after the ceremony
  • 2 rooms: Room and suite (anteroom and back room)
  • 2 – 40 persons
  • Wifi, Beamer screen
  • Near Public Transport and parking spaces in inner city
  • Rent from €375 VAT included (0)

Paulus Potter lived in this house. He is one of the most famous painters from the Golden Age. He was the first painter to give Dutch cattle a leading role in his work. In this house he painted the landscape on ‘The Bull’ (Dimensions height: 235.5 cm, width: 339 cm).

The stylish front room on the ground floor is ideal for meetings, presentations, breakfast, lunches or dinners. The ceiling paintings of Pieter Stortenbeker in the front room is the eye-catcher of this space.


The capacity of the rooms are: up to 40 people. A projector and screen are available on request.


Outdoor Museum The Hague tel. 0031 70 – 3220487