Closed at least until April 28

In consultation with RIVM, the Cabinet has decided to take far-reaching measures in response to the developments surrounding Covid-19. This also has consequences for our museum.
We are closed until further notice (at least until April 28). Various excursions and guided tours have been canceled. You can choose to move the activity or cancel it free of charge. The Outdoor Museum can be reached by telephone on 070 3220487.

Two Golden Centuries

The Dunne Bierkade and the Paviljoensgracht are special. Unique that so many famous painters have lived in houses of the Buitenmuseum over the centuries. Two Golden Ages of painting originated here. Both in the 17th and 19th centuries, this was the nest of creativity.

Guided tour in museum: Meet The Dutch Masters

Welcome to Jan Steen’s household! The Buitenmuseum is a picturesque piece of The Hague on the Dunne Bierkade and surroundings and consists of a number of very beautiful pearls. World-famous painters, such as Jan Steen, Jan van Goyen and Paulus Potter lived and worked here. Feel at home with the Dutch Masters. Books? 070 3220487 or at the counter of the VVV on Spui 68.

Guided tour of the museum: At home in the Golden Age

Three houses (or sights) of Dutch Masters and the city carpenter
The architect Van Balckeneynde, the philosopher Spinoza and numerous Dutch Masters lived and worked here, such as Jan van Goyen, Paulus Potter and Jan Steen. But this was also residential area, a beautiful old Dutch courtyard and unique style gardens remind us of this. During this arrangement we visit three of these pearls. Which? at least the house of Paulus Potter, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen. Books? 070 3220487 or at the counter of the VVV on Spui 68.

Walk Spinoza May 4 and May 9

A walk will be organized on May 4 as part of The Hague Freedom Weeks through the center of The Hague. The walk takes you past the grave, statue and house of one of our great freedom thinkers, Spinoza. We reflect on the heritage and ideas of Spinoza and other thinkers from the 16th / 17th century, such as Thomas More and Erasmus.
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Boat trip and visit museum Experience the Golden Age

The Hague is the city of the Golden Age! There is still much to see and experience of this history, in the houses of the illustrious historical persons. In this arrangement we make a combination of a visit to the houses of Paulus Potter, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen, a cruise on the Vliet and Huygens’ Hofwijck. This package will be held on October 11 and October 18.

Day of Architecture June 20

On the Day of Architecture, the Buitenmuseum organizes a walk with the theme “Building Freedom”. The focus is on Dutch Classicism of the Golden Age and in particular the architecture of Van Balckeneynde. More information and booking.

The Old Dutch tile collection September 27

On 27 September you can take a look in the kitchen of the Van Balkeneynde Huis. The kitchen is one of the highlights of the Buitenmuseum. Scents and flavors from the Golden Age!