The house where Van Balckeneynde lived

Welcome to “The Palace of the Palazzo Builder”

Van Balckeneynde’s house is the home of the top architect Van Balckeneynde. He was the architect of many Hague palaces and the Catshuis. Seeing this landmark from the Golden Age is a unique experience. The house is famous for its elaborate classical interior.Later the house was bought by Anton and Johann Frantz Lyncker (1776-1791). Here he set up the factory for the Hague porcelain. The brothers Verveer, a Jewish family of artists of the 19th century, also lived in this house.

  • Center of The Hague, South Holland in the city palace at Dunne Bierkade 18
  • Rental: meetings, workshops, brainstorm, training, presentation, breakfast, lunch, private dinner, drinks and wedding venue
  • 2 rooms: library and salon
  • 2 – 60 persons
  • Wifi, beamer, projector with projection screen
  • Rent from €375, VAT included (0)
  • Own caterer
  • Franking system: If you rent for several hours or a second location of the Buitenmuseum, you will receive a discount
  • Close to public transport and parking spaces, the most beautiful canal in The Hague

Buitenmuseum Den Haag – THE HAGUE – 003170 -3220487