Painters district, Outdoor museum

Home to the best Artists from the Golden Age

Welcome to the Outdoor Museum, home to several of the best Dutch painters from the Golden Age. You can visit our museum in a picturesque part of the historical city of The Hague around the Dunne Bierkade. Almost all locations can be visited by one of our guides. The Outdoor Museum has an attractive program for both groups and individuals. The focus is on interaction, learning and experiencing. We focus on three themes: The Hague, Royal The Hague and the old harbour district

Inside and outside the Outdoor Museum

The Jan van Goyenhaus – Dunne Bierkade 16a

A unique private museum, home to the landscape painter Van Goyen, who made hundreds of his paintings here. Jan Steen painted his family in law, the Van Goyen family. Immerse yourself in the Golden Age!

The Paulus Potter House – Dunne Bierkade 17

The animal painter Paulus Potter rented this house from his neighbor, Jan van Goyen. Here Paulus Potter painted the landscape of his most famous painting “The Bull”. Paulus Potter married the neighbor girl Adriana van Balckeneynde. In the antechamber you can admire beautiful ceiling paintings by the palace decorator Stortenbeker, a good example of the Royal Hague.

The Van Balckeneyndehaus – Dunne Bierkade 18

The Monumental House of Van Balckeneyndes is designed by Pieter Post. Van Balckeneynde was the builder of The Hague Palaces and the Cats House. Later the house was bought by Anton and Johann Frantz Lyncker (1776-1791). Here he set up the factory for the Hague porcelain. The brothers Verveer, a Jewish family of artists of the 19th century, also lived in this house.

Spinoza House – Paviljoensgracht 72-74

Jan van Goyen had a house built on the Paviljoensgracht. Later, the famous philosopher Baruch de Spinoza should write his “Ethica”, among other things.

Painters of the Romantic and Hague Schools – Dunne Bierkade

The Dunne Bierkade and its surroundings have been a creative breeding ground for centuries. At first it was the neighborhood of famous painters. In the 19th century, the houses and studios of famous painters of the Romatik and the Hague School stood here. The founder of the Pulchri Studio, Bartholomeus van Hove, lives here, among others, alongside the painter of the Hague School Johannes Bosboom. That is why, among other things, attention is drawn to this in the Paulus Potterhaus.

Vincent van Gogh Experience

Van Gogh was also a much-seen artist here. He first lived as an art dealer in one of the neighborhood’s small courtyards. The Jan van Goyen Museum focuses on the artworks that are related to the neighborhood. Here is a “neighborhood exhibition” of the greatest artist of the 19th century. Only reprints are exhibited, the exhibition aims to relate the life of the artist, the paintings and the neighborhood in relation to each other.

The Heilige Geesthof- Paviljoensgracht 125

This picturesque courtyard from 1616 is the oldest of its kind in The Hague.
It was founded by the ‘Holy Spirits Masters’ of the Grote Kerk, who were in charge of caring for the poor. The small houses were built in a square shape and were connected according to a mirror-symmetrical pattern.