2019: The Golden Age, what’s on?

The Golden Age

The annual program 2019-2020 is focused on The Hague Golden Age, in word and image, in sound and color. The theme year was opened on 8 February 2019 and runs until 8 February 2020.

The Hague plays a prominent role in the Dutch Republic in the Golden Age. It was the center of power and government and the cradle of art and science.

Experience the Golden Age here with lectures, tastings, exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, boat trips, guided tours and guided bicycle tours.
Please note that the following program can also be booked for groups of 8 people or more. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Guided Tour: Meet World Famous Painters – April to the end of September

Welcome to Jan Steen’s household! The Buitenmuseum is a picturesque part of the old city centre of The Hague on the Dunne Bierkade and surroundings and consists of a number of very beautiful pearls. World-famous painters lived and worked here, such as Jan Steen, Jan van Goyen and Paulus Potter. Feel at home with the Dutch Masters. Tel. 0031 703220487.

Concert: ‘Concerto delle donne’ – May, 19, 2019

Baroque music by, among others, Monteverdi (1567 -1643) and Caccini (1551 – 1618) in the living rooms of their Dutch contemporaries: the painters Paulus Potter, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen. The music is performed by the baroque ensemble ‘Il concerto delle donne ‘. The very first “Concerto delle donne” originated at the court in Ferrara in 1580, in the transition from the late Renaissance to Baroque. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Guided bicycle tour: ‘an art experience’ – May, 19 and 26, 2019

On this guided bicycle tour we will visit locations that have served as inspiration for artists. We will discover the Dutch landscape with works of art as a guideline. We will start and end the trip in the house of Jan van Goyen and Paulus Potter at the Dunne Bierkade in The Hague (25 km). Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Boat tour and guided tours: ‘Golden Age’ – October, 2019

The Hague is the city of the Golden Age! There is still much to see and experience of this history. On the Day of the Castle, on June, 10, you can visit the houses of illustrious historic people such as Jan Steen, Jan van Goyen and Paulus Potter. After a cruise in the wake of the Golden Age sailing boat, we moor at Huygens’Hofwijck, the house of the famous secretary Constantijn Huygens and his son, the scientist Christiaan Huygens. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Baroque music The Heritage Day’s – September, 14, 2019

The anual Heritage Day’s will take place on September, 14 in The Hague. The Hague opens 80 of its most attractive momumental buildings to the public. Entrance is free. It poses a unique opportunity to see interesting places, most of which are not usually open for visiting. Or join in on a range of related activities. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

THet Buitenmuseum, Schilderrijk Den Haag will organize a number of violin concertos at Paulus Potter’s huuse on Dunne Bierkade 17 during its regular opening hours on Saturday September, 14 at 12.30, 13.30 and 14.30 hours.Jan Steens’ love story from the Golden Age – September 19, 2019

Guided tour and workshop: the Delft Blue tile – September, 28, 2019

On September, 28 you can take a look in the kitchen of the Van Balkeneynde House. The kitchen is one of the eye-catchers of the Buitenmuseum. In the seventeenth century, houses of rich citizens in Holland were decorated from base to ceiling with Delft Blue tiles. On this tour we take a look at the old-Dutch tiles from the kitchen of the Balckeneynde Huis. How Dutch are these Delft Blue tiles? and how did the collection of the tiles in the Van Balckeynde House come about? It is possible to extend this tour with a painting workshop and paint your own Delft Blue tile. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Jan Steen on the table, a food story art experience – October 3, 2019

Time for a culinary party at the Dunne Bierkade! With paintings and proverbs of Jan Steen’s art as a guideline, a sensuous and interactive meal has been put together. It is a food story art experience from the starter to the dessert . A common ingredient of the meal is the Hague beer from brewery De Kompaan. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

Painting workshop Paulus Potter in The Hague – World Animal Day – October, 4, 2019

On October,4 we celebrate World Animal Day. Paulus Potter was a Dutch painter who specialized in animals. He is most famous for the painting The Young Bull (circa 1647), which was painted in the house of Paulus Potter. The Bull was composed after drawings Potter made in nature. He lived for several years at the Dunne Bierkade. During the painting workshop we will make several drawings and a painting of a dog. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.

introduction and craft workshop – the tulip mania – 3 February 2020 and on request

The story of the ‘Dutch’ tulip dates back to the sixteenth century. From the Golden Age onward, the love of our ancestors for the tulip was unstoppable. Van Goyen unfortunately bought a lot after the market collapsed on February 3, 1637 and lost a capital. Shortly before that date, tulip bulbs could have the value of a canal house …

Show your own creative side at this craft workshop organized by S.A.M.E. Ask for the possibilities: 0031 70 3220487.