Vincent van Gogh Experience The Hague

Experience Van Gogh in The Hague

In the 19th century painters of “De Haagse School” were living at this canal. Vincent van Gogh took his first painting lessons from them and lived for about 6 years in The Hague. The city played a crucial role in his evolution as an artist. Van Gogh’s first letters to his brother Theo, his first paintings, his first use of artistic aids such as the perspective frame and his first paid commission, all originated during his time in The Hague. It is still possible to follow Van Gogh’s footsteps through the city and its surrounding areas. The Vincent van Gogh Experience organises an exhibition to highlight the works that Van Gogh created in the immediate vicinity (no original works) and offers sightseeing tours.

– The Vincent van Gogh Experience is housed in Jan van Goyenhuis in the center of The Hague
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– Cycle tour, walk and boat trip starting from € 12,50 per person (from 7 persons excluding rental)
– Workshops from € 10, – per person (excluding material)
– Museumentree € 9, – for Jan van Goyenhuis, including a walking route of € 3.50. Also possible to expand the visit with a guided tour of the surroundings € 12,50 p.p.

Buitenmuseum The Hague – Dunne Bierkade 18 – 2512 BC – The Hague – 010 – 265 36 59

van gogh experience
van gogh experience